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What makes a Professional? Looking at the definition of ‘Professional’ in the Oxford & Collins Dictionary. From a layman’s perspective, “A professional is someone who is good at his job and gets paid for it”, then what is the concept of professional in today’s corporate world?

Professionalism, credibility, and reliability are all characteristics that we as human beings have come to expect of others. However, the world of work is a strange one when it comes to these traits.
The image you portray of yourself makes or breaks your chances of securing the next role. Your confidence comes from Knowledge, Positivity, and Control over your Destiny.

In this masterclass, you will understand the nitty-gritty of the corporate world and help you smoothen the process of a transition from campus to corporate.

What are the major takeaways?

Corporate Etiquettes Conduct Behaviour Appearance.

Demystify the meaning of ‘Professional’, ‘Professionalism’, ‘Credibility’, and Reliability’‘.

How to conduct yourself in a meeting amidst seniors and different teams.

Leaving your Signatures through your Thoughts – Words – Actions, & Communication

Practising Humble Audacity-Seeking Feedback- Building Trust Getting Better-Displaying Focus-Radiating Triggers that Garners Respect & Attention.

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Technique to Sustain -A cogent mechanism to ensure that appropriate & relevant behaviors get practiced on the ground.
  2. Concepts & On Ground Behaviours-Concepts to bust assumptions, elevate thinking, build visibility & buy-in through effective and sustainable behaviors.
  3. Frameworks & Toolkit-Framework driven thinking to make sense of your environment, ecosystem, people, your profile.

Who should attend ?

  1. Recently turned graduates at the onset of kickstarting their corporate life.
  2. Professionals who have recently started their corporate journey with 1- 2 years of experience.
  3. GEN-Z & Millennials with a conspicuous restlessness to create impact in their corporate life.
  4. Individuals who have recently become a part of a workforce & want to learn the ropes of work faster.
  5. Corporate executives who are curious to hone their skills in the workplace irrespective of experience.

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