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Have you ever wondered how some people are able to achieve so much in their lives? It’s not magic, it’s the science of planning.

Planning is an art and a science that requires you to understand your own psychology. You need to know how to bypass the natural instinct of other people to distract you from your priorities.

In this masterclass you will learn the discipline of planning, organising and execution from the bedrock of modern project management.

What are the major takeaways?

Micro planning of calendar and schedule consistently for Macre impact in business

The Power of Documenting Battle Procedure to plan the timelines of different Priorities & Projects

Discipline of Planning Your Days, Weeks, Months, and Year in Advance.

Three Box Framework based Planning (Managing Current, Selectively Forgetting Past, and Creating Future).

The Art of Planned Neglect (The Craft of not letting overarching Priorities bother you.

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Hacks, Rituals, and Rules to adopt and adapt to the discipline of Planning as second Nature.
  2. Reflective exercises to baseline your current degree of flair & preference for Planning and Organising.
  3. Conditioned environment through case studies, role plays to incite real-life situations and Ninja Planners,

Who should attend ?

  1. Multifaceted professionals who focus on developing holistically.
  2. Recent graduates who are managing the helm of their career and multiple activities.
  3. Corporate professionals who are endowed to manage numerous projects in time & space. Individuals who need support in prioritising & avoiding procrastination.
  4. Leaders who aspire to manage their multiple roles, commitments, and get more out of life without burning out.

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