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Have you ever wanted to get better at prototyping? Prototyping is a vital process that every organization should undergo before launching a product or a service to the market.

Relentlessly documenting battle procedures has been a key to success for many effective project managers.

This masterclass focused on making your best skill set -a weapon to maximize your results and impacts.

What are the major takeaways?

Leveraging your best skill set to maximum use

The importance of an MVP to convert thoughts and words into actions

Talent identification techniques hacks and rituals

The Power of Documenting Battle Procedure to plan the timelines of different Priorities & Projects

Get familiarised with frameworks and models for prototyping

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Real-life experiences- Simple ideas for innovation curated that helped organisations make or save billions of dollars
  2. Ruminative exercises-Innovative sprints along with several artificially induced barriers
  3. Learning from legends Effective prototype building from the greatest individuals, learn and ace their stratagem and convert it into practice for top-tier results

Who should attend ?

  1. Graduate and postgraduate students working towards a career that needs them to be impactful Individuals with entrepreneurial instinct who are keen on setting up their own business
  2. Dynamic professionals who focus on turning ideas into proof of concept
  3. Thoughtful management individuals who are focused on a variety of projects all at once Aspirational people who focus on working on different ideas

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