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Ready to Unlock your Leadership
The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Leadership Program

Discover a unique, eclectic, iterative, and interactive experience that simulates the following:-

  • Significance of sound leadership and strategic thinking.
  • Macro & Micro goal setting & objectives.
  • Team Dynamism, unique personalities, & tenor of interpersonal skills.
  • Critical thinking, Creativity, Curiosity, Communication, and Collaboration.
  • Art & science of observing, decision-making, negotiation, and influencing.
  • Critical conversation and conversational intelligence.
  • Analytical Mastery and Intuitive Originality.
  • Resource planning and optimization.

Why The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Leadership Workshop?

Lost Dutchman Gold Mine or LDGM as it is popularly known comes armed with

30+ years
Of proven track record
Educated & enlightened

From conferences to strategy meet, from an OD intervention to a Learning & Development endeavour, LDGM is a simulation with multifaceted application & relevance!

A versatile learning tool that elicits many workplace behaviours which is a replica of how professionals conduct themselves and come across in a professional setting.

  • Having a staunch strategy and culture
  • Analysis and action
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Setting objectives and execution
  • Independent roles and yet the interdependency on one another
  • Engaging and experiential – Infotaining as we call it! Step away from traditional lectures and dive into a collaborative adventure that mirrors real-world leadership challenges.
  • Exert leadership and strategic Thinking – Deploy practical leadership skills & big picture thinking in abundance with conduits of communication, problem-solving, decision-making, role-modelling, setting direction & purpose, through immersive gameplay.
  • Unleash hidden potential – Decipher and unravel the true meaning and mechanics of the full spirit of ‘Collaboration’ as participants go on the expedition with “The Goal is to mine as much Gold as WE Can!” It really untangles and unlocks the meaning of working together & with each other to create significance & value rather than otherwise.
  • Fungibility of Behaviours – The behaviour seen during the game play can very easily & visibly be correlated to on the ground behaviours & conduct during the professional world. This enables participants on what are the arenas of where they are doing well & where there is the need to improve.
  • Conceptual Depth and Pragmatic Examples – The workshop is replete with pertinent frameworks, concepts, central point of view on different themes like leadership, negotiation and collaboration which is directly linked to the behaviours & conduct of the participants during the game play rather than theoretical examples.
  • Develop leadership capabilities: Watch yourself & others deploy skills to lead people, business, & results with a unique opportunity to motivate, inspire to achieve broader objectives.
  • Amplify your communication and collaboration: In real time, you get a view about your collaboration & communication acumen from your own self and other’s observations.
  • Boost critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving: Building systems thinking through structured exposure to complexities, challenges, explicit & implicit problems.
  • Gain valuable self-awareness: Gain deeper insights into your style of leading others, being led, and other interpersonal skills under high pressure.
  • Access to LDGM Leadership Workbook – A holistic, integrated, interactive workbook on key concepts, frameworks, point of views with well delineated outlook on leading, collaborating, problem solving with linear and nonlinear correlation between behaviours demonstrated during LDGM and workplace application.
  • Foster high-performing teams: Stimulate culture of high productivity by mooting an atmosphere where results get velocitized by leveraging collaboration, interdependencies and each other’s strengths.
  • Amplify employee engagement: Induce clutter breaking head, hand, heart engagement for teams.
  • Nurture future leaders: Cogent & appealing method to identify & develop leadership pipeline for future.
  • Improve communication and alignment: Compelling &well founded method to showcase, decipher, and demystify the correlation between consistent communication & alignment to achieve org. goals.

Anyone & Everyone

  • Whether you are a corporate executive or a C-Suite leader
  • Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur
  • Whether you are seasoned professional or just starting your career
  • Whether you are a HR professional, a corporate trainer, or in procurement

Ready to unlock your leadership potential?

Are you ready to “mine as much gold as WE can”!

Contact us today to learn more about the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Leadership Workshop and how it can benefit you or your organisation.

This simulation is meant for anyone or everyone who is keen to take their leadership potential to the next level and aspires to build a winning team!

Experience Lost Dutchman Today