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About Us


Ignite creativity, enhance communication, and build a strategic outlook of 1 million lives by 2026


To enable leadership effectiveness of people, drive growth and deliver lasting impact by enhancing communication and providing a roadmap for leading careers.

What we believe in

Learning = Leading

Learning sits at the heart of leadership. Here, we are not only referring to the classroom or textbook-based learning, but we are also alluding to –

  • Being observant about life experiences and processing lessons from it.
  • Absorbing successes, failures, experiments, and goof-ups of life & forming a point of view.
  • Being an active novice when it comes to learning from people around you.
  • Instilling an inner compass to think and dream big and nurture bold ambition.
  • Being at ease with initial hiccups, awkward moments when entering an unfamiliar terrain or learning a new skill.

The most important of them all is the fact that you are undertaking all the above five components in a playful manner.

The critical aspect of leadership development is to learn like a perpetual apprentice, consistently absorbing cues from the environment, experimenting with those cues, and forming a point of view.

We at NLC believe that if we can stoke three aspects in people, we can unlock their leadership potential. Those three nuances are: –

1. Ambition
2. Learning Orientation
3. Structure to reach their ambition through learning & tough or unfamiliar situations.

What we firmly believe and vouch is the fact that if we make this process playful rather than pensive and serious, the impact of leadership development is more sustainable and long-lasting.

We combine our prowess of conceptual depth and engaging with leaders along with our expertise in crafting clutter-breaking exercises (virtual and face to face) to create appealing leadership development endeavors and talent management solutions that deliver visible business impact.

At NLC we aspire to make leadership wisdom go viral.

How did Nyra come into existence?

After over a decade of experience & exposure in the sphere of leadership development and talent management, Founder Ridima Wali started Nyra Leadership Consulting – a boutique firm that specializes in leadership development and talent management in 2020.

It was started based on her interactions with more than 5500 leaders across different realms like Technology, Big 4, Retail, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and Service industries to name a few.


Armed with her observations and insights, she & her team conducted an exclusive and extensive research with over 500 leaders from multifaceted contexts.

The objective of this research had been to understand the mission-critical skills of tomorrow on which businesses would like to invest and take a bet to ascertain their relevance in the long run.

The most intriguing insights & findings from this research project were almost a unanimous and intense nod of the leaders participating in this project for their employees and teams to get visibly better at three components which are:-


It connotes the ability of team members to express themselves with clarity, conviction, and confidence to build visibility, draw attention, and network effectively.

One of the most strongly articulated verbatims was, “No longer, this attitude that ‘My work will speak for me’ will be relevant. Team members who work well and are able to explain their body of work to a large audience will win’.

Strategic Thinking

It implies building, sharpening, and amplifying the spirit of thinking futuristically. It insinuates the orientation for people to plan their careers, maneuver their roles, and lead their businesses, with one eye on the future and in a deliberate manner.

One of the most prevalent verbatims was, “In the new world, career progression will no longer be a shared e, employees.

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