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Enabling individuals to drive success with precision, structure, and cogent science.

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. A structured leadership development journey is a systematic & scientific mechanism to build the capability of leaders across a diverse realm of competencies. At NLC, our in-depth research and interaction with a multifaceted set of leaders across versatile sectors have garnered certain critical insights about adult learning:-

  • It needs to be engaging & experiential.
  • Adult learners crave conceptual depth & practical applicability.
  • They seek frameworks & tools that can harness their experiences & wisdom.
  • They look for safe microcosms where they can engage in peer learning.
  • They prefer quest, exploration-based learning rather than preachy

We actively deploy the above insights while designing the learning journeys.

What will it entail?

Our leadership development journeys enable & endow leaders to make learning a self-driven agenda rather than an organizational mandate. We partner with leaders to drive transformation and shifts in behaviors.

  • Providing access to global as well as indigenous case studies & references.
  • Furnishing frameworks, concepts & tools that channels their native intelligence & experiences.
  • Articulating behaviours that are simple to replicate on the ground & highly fungible.
  • Highlighting cause & effect linkage between behaviours & outcomes.
  • Sharing anecdotes, stories, and personalities that stoke ambition & incite curiosity.
Why is it necessary?

The crux and gist of the engagement are to equip leaders to

  • Stay updated on the avant-garde skill sets that can impact their longterm relevance.
  • Leverage triggers, cues, blueprint to undertake thought experiments express them.
  • Engage meaningfully with their extended ecosystem to drive bigger outcomes alignment.
Phases of Deployment

Phase 1
Context Gathering Insights Curation

Utilised to build connection, weave clarity, instill confidence, seek sponsorship & unfold advocacy with the leaders & their ecosystem about the overall process.

Phase 2
Staggered Solution Deployment

Post curating insights from context gathering, we stagger the endeavor into different phases & sequential steps.

Phase 3
Measuring Impact & Application

Post deploying the of the solution, an extensive set of activities are undertaken to measure the impact of learning on a leader’s day-to-day working & driving outcomes.