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Have you ever watched Shark Tank and thought, “I could do that…and with more brevity!”? You’re not alone. But like all things in life, brevity is a skill, not a gimmick. It requires mastery of your message and preparation.

In the competitive landscape of omnipresent brands and businesses, finding ways to penetrate new markets can be difficult.

Demonstrating the viability of your product or service to potential clients is only one part of the puzzle. The other half is how effectively you position your idea in the mind of your audience.

In this masterclass you will be able to formulate the right kind of pitches specific to the industry you are looking into. You’ll be able to master brevity and make every second of every pitch count.

What are the major takeaways?

Mastering Brevity Delivering Pitches in 3-, 6, and 10-mins format.

Acing Essentials of Presentation – Identifying Minimum Few Caveats for Maximum Engagement.

Formulating Pathos (Emotional Origin, Observation) of your idea, initiative, proposition, or brand.

Articulating the Ethos (the logical narrative and story) of your idea, initiative, proposition, or brand.

Conveying Confidence, Clarity, and Conviction through body language and conversational Intelligence.

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Attributes of evaluation during presentation delivery.
  2. Tool Kit of Creating Presence & Impact through your Pitch Deck, Presentation, Content, & Conduct and Point of View on Breaking ice Establishing quick connect.
  3. Leveraging Preparedness with Spontaneity-Delivering Memorable Pitches while managing questions, queries, & rebuttals with ease.

Who should attend ?

  1. Budding entrepreneurs honing the art of striking business deals.
  2. Start-Up Owners looking to garner investments from VC’s.
  3. Corporate professionals are in pursuit to build buy-in and sponsorship for their ideas.
  4. Self Employed Individuals aspiring to influence the buying decision of their clients.
  5. Founders on a quest to build advocacy, sponsorship & evangelists for their ideas & products

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