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Everybody knows that communication is very important. However, do we give the same importance to our internal act of communicating?

You are here because you have found yourself struggling to communicate what you’re feeling or believing. You have probably tried explaining it to others and no one has fully understood you. You may feel misunderstood about various world issues, not getting your voice heard, frustrated with anticipating how others will interpret your message and perceive you, or lost in miscommunication.

Communication is one of the golden keys to success and influence. As the foundation of all human relationships, it can be used to forge a path from your present to your future In this masterclass, you will learn The Knack & Formula of Influencing Through Communication.

What are the major takeaways?

The ABCD of Active Listening

The Mechanics & Mechanism of Voice Modulation – Pitch, Tone, Tempo.

The Knack of Crafting Content and Curation.

The Power of Posture and Body Language.

The Art of Storytelling to influence and shape perspectives

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. The Knack & Formula of Influencing Through Communication
  2. Structure, Sequence, and Organise Thoughts & Perspectives into Coherent Narratives.
  3. Discovering, Building, & Embracing Spontaneity The Mechanism to appear spontaneous at the cusp of Thorough Preparation

Who should attend ?

  1. Professionals with a pursuit to build a lasting impression & larger buy-in.
  2. Start-up founders who intend to pitch ideas in front of investors and influence decisions.
  3. Client Facing Roles – Sales, Marketing, Training/Facilitation.
  4. Corporate employees/executives who aspire to convey their point of view with Brevity.
  5. Recent graduates or new joiners, in the pursuit of getting their ideas, and perspectives conveyed.

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