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Content is King, but conciseness is the Holy Grail. Brevity is the soul of wit. Concision is the soul of language.

Brevity & briefness aren’t just the souls of wit, they’re also extremely valuable attributes of effective writing. Yet many people get confused between being succinct and being short or misleading.

The ingredients to cook a precise message on a particular subject that sounds delightful to the ears seem factual and trustworthy, as well as conveys the meaning in the most descriptive yet precise manner.

In this masterclass,you will learn how to bring forth a treasure-trove of insight & information into achieving the brevity attitude.

Detailing down specific & step by step processes to explore a new dimension in writing succinct content.

What are the major takeaways?

Extrapolating the span of words to fulfill the caveat of time.

Hacking Concision Precision Specificity to deliver the crux of the matter.

Leveraging expressions, metaphors, anecdotes, and idioms to convey a lot in a few.

Drawing upon ‘Substantial Substance & ‘key messaging when penning down content.

Leveraging expressions, metaphors, anecdotes, and idioms to convey a lot in a few.

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Tacks and Tactics – Mechanism, methods, means, and medium to practice brevity & briefness.
  2. Delta Exercises & Practise Sessions-Observing the Impact & effects of redundant v/s brevity-filled content.
  3. Baseline exercises Identify your current preferences & trends associated with penning down content.

Who should attend ?

  1. Recently turned postgraduates with an aspiration to ace significant interviews.
  2. Corporate employees who wish to articulate their perspectives sharply during team briefings.
  3. Leaders with an inclination to cascade strategy & key messages in a clear, concise, & precise way.
  4. Professionals who aim to express their ideas, and experiences in a minimum time with positive residue.
  5. Entrepreneurs who wish to seed their pitches with precision, and concision in the least amount of time.

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