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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager or an employee, we all need to get better at coming up with ideas.

I think all innovation can be attributed to people coming up with new ideas. But how many of these great ideas actually become a reality? Not many.

The ability to generate ideas is one of the most important skills in your arsenal. Ideas are what lead to progress, motivation and achievement.

will investigate and show you how you can develop your ability to come up with new ideas and effectively communicate them to the right people for them to benefit from your ideas.

What are the major takeaways?

Deploying structured thinking to become an ‘Idea & ideation Machine

Becoming an Idea Magnet – Curating, Visualizing, Retaining, Executing Relevant Ideas.

Testing Promise of an Idea Viability Feasibility, and desirability

Communication of Idea – SUCCESS MODEL (from Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath).

Observations based ideas DIRECTORY for personal & professional space, basis the experiences

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Crafting Campaigns around ideas-> Building Campaigns, Stories, & Narratives around ideas that leaves positive triggers, residue, and builds sponsorship.
  2. Idea Sprints in Action – Acing the mechanics of brainstorming in the shortest possible time.
  3. Constrains Free Thinking & Fluidity Comfort with the number of ideas in a limitless manner.

Who should attend ?

  1. Budding professionals who aspire to build visibility through ideas generation & presentation
  2. Corporate employees with 5-7 years of experience, grappling with the redundancy of ideation.
  3. Freelancers on a pursuit to present their offerings in a way that creates ‘Appeal’.
  4. Self-employed individuals with an aspiration to seed a point of view that creates ‘Stickiness’.
  5. Entrepreneurs seeking sponsorship by highlighting the impact of their products & services.

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