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As a small entrepreneur or a startup, or even a large corporate, you’re often pitched by sales professionals on how they’ll be able to create possibility and give value to your product or services.

Selling is associated with building possibilities for self and for business. In the era of depleting attention span and disruptive ways of working, how do you engage with prospective customers in a way that they feel absorbed rather than repulsed. What kind of endeavors and initiatives you can lead that makes the prospective customer view you as a value provider rather than a vendor.

How do you create inroads in the minds of your prospective customer so that they view you as a co-creator rather than an outsider?

In this module we bring you upclose and personal with the tools which can render you a sought-after sales person

What are the major takeaways?

Discover and decipher your own levers of PASSION!

Learn the hacks of broadening and deepening your PASSION

Build habits Passion into a Viable Profession and Work Practices.

Deepen your understanding of your current levels of creativity!

System of rituals to build Creativity

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Start-up owners who wish to stand out by the brilliance of their content each & every time.
  2. Corporate executives who want to ace the mechanism of curating customized content for different events and context.
  3. Content writers who want to enhance their penchant of creating compelling matter for different brands, and occasions.
  4. Leaders who aspire to build clarity-conviction-confidence in their written articulation & spoken delivery.
  5. Professionals who wish to amplify their knack of putting their perspectives and ideas in a way that others understand.

Who should attend ?

  1. Sales & Marketing executives looking to create a loyal customer base
  2. Corporate professionals who aspire to create buy-in around their initiatives
  3. Start-up entrepreneurs who pursue to influence investors & target audience to their line of thought
  4. Client facing role-holders who aim to create a favourable impression about their brand & organization
  5. Media interfacing professionals who seek to build a sustainable liaison

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