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How to think out of the box when you are stuck with a problem and can’t figure it out no matter how hard you try? How do you get unstuck so you can quickly identify problems and find creative solutions?

– Problems are considered to be windows of opportunity however you cant solve them using the same thinking that was deployed to create the problem itself
– Creative Problem solving requires you to detach yourself from the problem and explore it from numerous angles and perspectives
– This clutter breaking approach allows you to embrace the clutter and sift meaningful substance from it
– In this module you will learn a light heart approach yet a deep one of integrating imagination, judgment and decisiveness

What are the major takeaways?

Understand and Internalise the Rationale, Logic, and Design of Connecting the Dots.

Sharpening Observations, triggers, & questions for quickly drawing connections.

The Art and science of finding Fault in Default, Irregularities, and Pattern Recognition.

The mechanism of Problem Identification and Wicked Problem Articulation.

The wherewithal of creative problem solving on a day-to-day basis

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Leveraging Diversity The tools, techniques, and frameworks of leveraging a Variety & Diversity of Experiences, People, Ideas, and Expertise.
  2. Stories Anecdotes Narratives and Instances of Connecting the Dots in ‘GLOCAL Cases & Inciting Disruption.
  3. Structured Exploration – Unravel how dots can get connected in your domain by getting exposed to multi-faceted domains.

Who should attend ?

  1. Corporate professionals with more than 5-10 years of experience
  2. Entrepreneurs on the verge of starting or sustaining their business venture
  3. Sales & Marketing professionals, looking for ingenious ways to engage customers/clients
  4. Self-employed individuals at the crossroads of amassing clients, and establishing their brand.
  5. Freelancers who aspire to stand out and make a difference/impact

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