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Creativity needs a wild mind and a disciplined eye, but creativity is also about consistency, experimenting with a zillion ideas to stumble upon an extraordinary insight.

– While creativity is about connecting the dots, it’s also about pre-empting the future.

– It is about thinking differently and doing different things while processing what is working, and what is not with a focus on a strong why?

– How do you build this skill which has a direct impact on the renewal, reinvention, and relevance of an individual or an organisation?

– In this module, you learn about how creativity can be built like a muscle and applied in different conditions to further strengthen it

What are the major takeaways?

Discovering, Developing, and Sustaining Inner Creativity at a War Scale.

Practice, Habits, and Rituals of Creative Thinking and Execution.

Mechanism of channelising Creativity through Thoughts”, “Words, and “Actions”.

Application of Creativity for workplace Conversations, Ideation, Influence, Selling, and application!

Finding Flow, Fluidity, and Flexibility in work to produce ultimate results

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Challenging Assumptions Debunking Myths
  2. Reflective Exercises and Behavioural Assessments MCQ-MY CREATIVITY QUOTIENT
  3. Simulation of “Flow” How ‘Focused Effort works with Intensity), Structure, & Time Sprints”

Who should attend ?

  1. Corporate executives
  2. Self-employed individuals
  3. Corporate professionals with more than 5 years of experience
  4. Entrepreneurs on the verge of starting or sustaining their business venture

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