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Parentship for Experiential Learning

With a focus to touch the lives of 1 million people and to make learning infotaining, we are super pleased and stoked to make this announcement that is touted to make learning bigger, better, and bolder.

Nyra Leadership Consulting (NLC) and Performance Management Company (PMC) are entering into a strategic partnership focused on the development and distribution of the innovative “The Search for Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine” (LDGM) team experience.

NLC with its proven track record of creating transformative leadership & communication journeys partners with PMC which is an institution of experiential learning in terms of its blockbuster offering of Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. PMC comes armed with more than 3 decades of experience in rolling out LDGM across the global landscape having more than 3,00,000 participants who have experienced the compelling LDGM across 40 countries!

This collaboration brings together NLC’s expertise in leadership development and PMC’s established legacy in creating engaging learning experiences. Through this partnership, the two companies will:

  • NLC will be exclusively licensed to manufacture and distribute the LDGM kits to organisations and individuals globally (except in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan).

  • With this partnership, we will also be officially the only company to be licensed to further develop, curate and proliferate the LDGM enhanced offerings in times to come.

We are in the process of amplifying, enhancing, and elevating the LDGM experience. Watch this space for more!

About Nyra Leadership Consulting (NLC):

NLC is a leading provider of leadership development solutions, specialising in empowering individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential. With a team of experienced consultants and a proven track record of success, NLC offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

About Performance Management Company (PMC):

PMC is a renowned developer of engaging and impactful learning experiences. The company leverages innovative methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to create programs that foster individual and organisational growth. PMC’s solutions are designed to address a wide range of learning objectives, ensuring participants acquire the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

About the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (LDGM):

The LDGM is a unique simulation learning tool which generates behaviours that create cognitive dissonance between what participants choose to do and what they should do to optimise results. Teams must work together to overcome challenges, uncover hidden clues, and ultimately locate the elusive Lost Dutchman’s Mine. Through this engaging experience, participants develop critical skills such as:

  • Leadership & Goal setting – Discover your existing leadership potential & mettle along with exploring areas to build effectiveness.
  • Communication & Alignment: How these skills are tantamount to navigate the complex & volatile scenarios in LDGM and in business.
  • Collaboration & Planning: The deftness of collaborating planning & execution to create success & significance.
  • Problem-solving: The LDGM presents a series of challenges that demand creative and critical thinking.
  • Decision-making: Participants go through a barrage of high pressure situations which requires them to Think Clearly-Choose Precisely-Act Decisively!

This strategic partnership between NLC and PMC marks a monumental step for both the companies to accentuate their commitment to enable businesses & organizations to win at market place by leveraging & unlocking the leadership potential of their teams by the might of LDGM.

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