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At a Glance

Yotta Infrastructure approached NLC in Dec 2020 with a unique intent. Yotta had been in existence for 1.5 years by then and was poised to grow aggressively. Amidst its intense growth objective, its CEO, Mr. Sunil Gupta wanted to launch a Value Dissemination Initiative.a


Yotta has a vision to create an Ultra-scalable, Hyper-density Data Centre Ecosystem ready for the future growth of data. It started in 2018 & by 2021– it has become Asia’s largest and world’s 2nd largest Uptime Tier IV designated DC.

Leaders Trained
100 Hrs
Experiential Learning


To drive, proliferate, demystify the meaning of Mission, Vision, and the Values that the organisation had co-created in conjunction with its employees in 2018. The major ask was that all the workshops must be conducted in an experiential fashion and must have a simple to understand concepts.

Solution offered

We worked on a modular, well-staggered, and structured endeavor called Project ALIGN that spanned across 8 months, named as there was an underlying need to align team YOTTA with the larger org. context.

— Acknowledge the ‘Presence’

— Grow the ‘Practice’

— Learn the ‘Features’

— Nurture the ‘Impact’

— Internalize the ‘Behaviours’

In Depth Approach

  • Marathon workshops to proliferate the meaning, mechanics, behaviors of Mission, Vision, and first three set of values in Dec 2020 followed up with next three set of values in May 2021. (Values like Trust, Innovation, Partnership etc.)
  • In-Person sessions with a blend of high-octane activities with debriefs, self-reflection assessments, case-studies, dialogues at a group level to create a shared understanding.
  • A set of simple behavioural checklist was deployed post session to make the values be understood, internalised, and practised by employees at their own time and pace.