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At a Glance

Yotta Infrastructure approached NLC in Dec 2020 with a unique intent. Yotta had been in existence for 1.5 years by then and was pacing to grow aggressively. Amidst its intense growth objective, its CEO, Mr. Sunil Gupta wanted to launch a Strategy Roadmap Initiative.


Yotta has a vision to create an Ultra-scalable, Hyper-density Data Centre Ecosystem ready for the future growth of data. It started in 2018 & by 2021 – it has become Asia’s largest and world’s 2nd largest Uptime Tier IV designated DC.

Years Roadmapping
Department Heads
Action Items


To create a department-wise strategic roadmap and further furnish a shared understanding for Yotta to manifest its Mission and Vision in the years 2021 and 2022 in a structured manner.

Solution offered

We conceptualized & contextualized a strategic roadmap framework inspired by AG Lafley and Roger Martin called ‘Playing to Win’. We worked with 20 departmental heads ranging from HR, Marketing, to Product Engineering, Automation to decipher and build a shared understanding about the same. It is based on 10 simple questions. Implemented as Phase II of Project Align.

— What does Yotta’s Mission & Vision mean to my dept.?

— Where will we play?

— What capabilities must we have?

— 20 things that can go wrong and cope up mechanism?

— What are the 3-5 important outcomes for FY 21-22?

— How will we win?

— What Mgmt. systems we need?

— What is our winning aspiration?

— How can we leverage our team for these goals?

— What is the Battle Procedure?

In Depth Approach

  • First Cohort session with department heads (DH) to sensitize on the structure of Playing to Win and how they are supposed to create their scorecards with the teams.
  • Second Cohort session with DH to bring the cause-and-effect linkage b/w strategy roadmap and playing to win framework.
  • Third Cohort session with each DH and their respective team/s to work on their iteration of Playing to win scorecard followed up with fourth cohort session to finalize the scorecard.
  • Presentation by each DH in front of the CEO, MD, and the entire org. explaining their score card followed up with Q&A and suggestions by the audience.
  • A finalised Playing to win grid created for each department post incorporating the suggestions of the audience and other DHs.