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At a Glance

After the success of the marquee project ALIGN; Yotta Infrastructure collaborated with NLC to create a contextualized and customized skillset dictionary in the form of a structured Competency Grid.


Yotta has a vision to create an Ultra-scalable, Hyper-density Data Centre Ecosystem ready for the future growth of data. It started in 2018 & by 2021 – it has become Asia’s largest and world’s 2nd
largest Uptime Tier IV designated DC.

Competencies Curated
Behaviours Crafted
Proficiency Statements


To curate a snapshot of competencies, a dictionary of skillsets that can be leveraged in combination with mission-vision-values that ensures uniformity in hiring, internal promotion, rewards & ecognition, sets the tone for performance reviews, enables designing of learning goals, and forms the underpinnings of cultural pillars.

Solution offered

We captured an in-depth context of each dept. & a panoramic snapshot of data-centre as an industry to arrive at a skillset dictionary that spanned across Strategic, Operational, & Tactical Leadership Levels at org. level. A second level of bifurcation would be undertaken to arrive at function wise competency grid.

— Managing Current

— Selectively Forgetting Past

— Creating Future

In Depth Approach

  • 1on1 context gathering conversation with each department head (DH) to select indicatively most relevant competencies based on Lominger competencies deck.
  • After analytical & qualitative analysis of the data; we arrived at 6 Yotta Success Factors & 6 Core Competencies.
  • Meticulous & Diligent defining of behaviours, definition, proficiency levels and further bifurcation according to Leadership levels and Business-People-Result cluster.
  • A structured ‘Train the Trainer’ conducted for the entire HR team for them to further proliferate, decode, and decipher the competency grid for the entire org. in a phased manner.