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These days, it’s extremely difficult to stay focused and on a mission in the face of the abundance of distractions. We’re bombarded with so many input signals (e.g., text messages, news aggregators, social media feeds…), and data outputs (e.g., projects, live dashboards, blog posts…) from people who are inherently smarter than us that it’s just natural to get distracted.

When all around you is chaos, uncertainty, and change, it can feel like a riot of information. But by harnessing this information into patterns and considering what they are telling you, you can end up making better decisions, leaving you more confident to push forward.

In an increasingly complex world, where there will be more than seven billion people interacting with each other and the environment in which we live – collecting and analyzing information effectively is more valuable than ever before to ensure a better future.

In this masterclass, we will attempt to put some sense in the midst of a great amount of chaos, by highlighting the relevance and importance of Intuition in our modern time-to-time world.

What are the major takeaways?

Translating ‘Worry’ into Wonderment in times of Ambiguity & Chaos.

Balancing ‘Business Intelligence’ with ‘Intuition’ and ‘Experiences’.

Enhancing Your ‘Inner Curiosity Engine’ with external radar to capture cues

Managing amassing cues, triggers, and Inferences with ‘Actions’ & ‘Decisions’.

Leveraging your own native intelligence with the ecosystem’s wisdom

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Observational Study & Inferences-from Global Case studies, Anecdotes, and Narratives.
  2. Experiential learning exercise – Knowledge Immersion and Application Activities.
  3. Effectiveness Dipstick Test -Ways to experience & test the potency of tools and frameworks.

Who should attend ?

  1. Senior & Middle level executives handling scale, scope, complexity, & high degree of ambiguity.
  2. Entrepreneurs at the cross roads of finding patterns from market trends, inputs, and business intelligence.
  3. Self-employed individuals and freelancers trying to find a new territory.
  4. Professionals aiming to find cues from a milieu of noise, patterns, and inputs for next big idea.
  5. Individuals trying to figure out the triggers for next territory of relevance.

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