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What hooks the reader from the first chapter? What makes him turn the page?

Understanding the WHYs and HOWs of effective storytelling will help you to convey more meaning with fewer words – ultimately making you a better communicator.

Storytelling is an art that each of us can learn. This course will guide you to master the art of storytelling and make your language more powerful, compelling and memorable.

In this masterclass,you will learn how to ace the art of storytelling through simple hacks

What are the major takeaways?

Master the art of storytelling by understanding the WHAT, WHY, HOW of storytelling.

The 3 magic hormones and their impact on storytelling

The triple R effect and how to master

Hacking Concision Precision Specificity to deliver the crux of the matter.

Leveraging expressions, metaphors, anecdotes, and idioms to convey a lot in a few.

Drawing upon ‘Substantial Substance & ‘key messaging when penning down content.

Mastering economy of words, simplicity, and tackling redundancy armada of Information

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Acing the art of storytelling with simple hacks
  2. Experiment with hormone role in making your next best story
  3. Knowing the anatomy and physiology of storytelling

Who should attend ?

  1. Nascent graduate and post graduate students progressing on their career path
  2. Sales & marketing professionals, looking for ingenious ways to engage customers/clients
  3. Leaders with an inclination to cascade strategy & key messages in a clear, concise, & precise way.
  4. Start-up owners who wish to stand out by the brilliance of their content each & every time.

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