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The quest for finding your passion, is a long and arduous journey with so many twists and turns, ups and downs; it’s easy to lose one’s way.

BUT there ARE signposts along the way that can help you maneuver your way through the tangle of thorns, wilderness and by-lanes more easily.

While building a successful career, your ‘inner compass’ acts as your life-long friend, steering you through the maze of work-life balance, helping you stay on course and motivating you to get back on track whenever the need arises.

In this masterclass, you will be able to find your ‘Inner Compass’ & ‘GPS’ to get you through any change management you may face in your career, relationships, and personal life.

What are the major takeaways?

Unraveling the existential question, Who Am I?

Figuring out the seeds of ‘Passion’ within you and accessing your ‘Inner Compass.

Identifying & Amplifying the triggers of Inspiration for sustaining motivation.

Realignment of your strengths, and passion with your ‘Profession’ and ‘goals’.

What can you expect from the session ?

  1. Intentional Exercises to Extrapolate Future -Blue sky thinking to visualise the future & the impact we intend to create in a structured manner with design and blueprint.
  2. Excavation Exercises Digging deep to revisit our formative years, making meaning of our experiences, decoding our ‘Identity and unwinding our Intentions.
  3. Inside Out & Outside in Approach -Consistent oscillation between deciphering experiences of one’s own life and witnessing decoded template of other’s life experiences

Who should attend ?

  1. Formula-driven individuals who want to draw more meaning through what they do.
  2. Corporate executives with an intrinsic desire to add value & create impact for their ecosystem.
  3. Individuals who wish to address the ‘Redundancy’ emanating from excessive ‘Routine’.
  4. Professionals with 10-15 years of experience who feel ‘Burnt Out’ or an emotional ‘Fatigue’.
  5. Individuals who want to discover or deepen their seeds of ‘Passion’ into ‘Profession’.
  6. Individuals who sense a ‘Plateau’ in their career.

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