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At a Glance

Glenmark approached NLC in July 2021 with a unique intent. The DSMs (first line Managers) who are a part of Glenmark family (>2 yrs.) have a good track record of sales & customer relationships. To go to the next level role, they need higher presentation skills supported with a strong executive presence.


Glenmark was founded with a vision to emerge as a leading integrated research- based, global pharmaceutical company. With 14 manufacturing facilities and 3 R&D centers dedicated to the goal of enriching lives across the globe we believe that the real force behind our continued successes are dedicated employees from across 60 nationalities, committed to creating ‘A new way for a new world’.

26 Hrs
Experential Learning
Employees Trained


DSM’s with more than 2 years of experience now looking to go next level need higher presentation skills supported with a strong executive presence. These 40-50 DSM’s have undergone 6 months English language improvement course with an elementary ·to advanced proficiency in English and there is an opportunity to groom them further in the realm of ‘high-impact communication’ and executive presence.

Solution offered

We worked on a modular, well-staggered, and structured endeavour called ELITE CAFE that spanned across 4 months. ·an integrated learning experience spanning across 4-6 months staggering over different platforms i.e., virtual learning experience, LMS, e-learning modules, one-on-one support.

— Dipstick and Current Baselining

— Integrated Monthly Communication Plan and Tracker

— Experiential Learning

In Depth Approach

  • A pre-work was assigned to all the participants to understand their level of expertise in communication and from there the sessions were taken forward.
  • The sessions included various topics ranging from Pitch-Tone-Tempo, Art of skillful conversations, presentation hacks, etc
  • The approach was such that each individual participant was given a chance to perform a TED TALK, which demonstrated the learnings of the sessions simultaneously